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Brief description

Polymer blocks are ideal not only for capital construction projects, but also for the construction of temporary buildings in recreational areas (beaches, gardens, parks, etc.)

Polymer composite material that is artificially created, not found in nature and combines quality uncharacteristic for other materials.

The use of polymer units ensures high rate of construction of buildings and facilities at any time of the year. This is due to non-use of concrete as a foundation stiffness frame structure (the role of a rigid frame carries a polymer block) and the ease of building walls of any building object (analogy designer "Lego"). Structural strength of the polymer-block provides high seismic stability of buildings.

The material obtained by uniformly mixing the core components (resin + filler) in compliance with a predetermined temperature, resulting in the encapsulation of particles of each polymer filler. On the subsequent forming and hardening Polymer forms a homogeneous mass of a monolithic structure with high strength.

Polymer block - Hollow block of high strength, cold resistance and very low permeability. According to TU 2246-001-10224806-2013 blocks are divided into hollow block wall and hollow block septum.

Used for construction of exterior and partition walls under construction.

Polymeric units have internal cavities designed to accommodate the heater elements, as well as grooves, projections on the end faces and the upper wall, in order to give the required product and the clutch operating properties (stiffness compound in horizontal and vertical planes). It does not require any additional attachment methods (solution, paste, glue, screwed connections etc.). This is the geometric precision products attainable during manufacture and minimum manufacturing tolerances.

Building blocks: length 400 mm, width 400 mm, height 200 mm, wall thickness 40 mm. Weight 29kg. = 180 rub. / Pcs.

Block pergorodochny: length 400 mm, width 200 mm, height 200 mm, wall thickness 40 mm. Weight 19.5 kg. = 140 rub. / Pcs.

Produced by compression of the quartz sand (75%) and pulverized polyethylene (24%) with special additives (colorants, flame retardants, etc. 1%).

Service life: about 100 years.

1. The scheme of packing - kind of face


2. The scheme of packing - top view


3. The scheme of packing - in the context of